[Wolves] Equipment stolen

James Dalley j.dalley at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Mar 23 23:24:07 GMT 2008

> My home in Great Wyrley was burgled some time between lunch time and 10 
> pm yesterday.
> The following were taken:
> A Lenovo/IBM X41 running Ubuntu Linux (and my life). Serial No. L3AA6CZ, 
> Part No. US2F8UK It has the outline of a removed Ubuntu sticker on the lid.
> and: (off-topic)
> An HP laptop with about a 15" screen and a Telford & Wrekin asset-number 
> or security sticker (my wife's work PC, running Win XP) in a smart black 
> briefcase-style case.
> A Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (?), my brand new work machine running Windows 
> XP,  SQL Server and Visual Studio - I'm sorry! It had an E.ON asset 
> number sticker on the front-let of the lid. Both this and the Ubuntu 
> ThinkPad were in a new, black Targus backpack There were also a couple 
> of memory sticks in the front pocket of the bag.
> A white Apple iBook G4, with worn-off key caps on the often used letters 
> and a hairline crack in the right hand side bezel of the screen. The 
> battery won't hold charge. This is my daughter's university machine, so 
> it has OS X, OpenOffice.org, architectural models and a vast collection 
> of music. Because she lived in a dodgy area of Nottingham it has UV pen 
> markings  in a couple of places and SmartWater DNA paint of her 
> Nottingham Postcode NG7 2BX on the front edge, which looks like clear 
> nail varnish. Serial No. is UV4251BRR73
> A white Apple iMac G5 iSight with a faulty 'SuperDrive' Serial No. 
> W8547CGUTAQ. It contains my son's final year video project for his Fine 
> Art degree. He has no backup of the last week of his work
> If you hear or see anything of this equipment then please let PC 5704 
> Goodwin at Watling Street Police Station on 08453 302010 know.
> My PC security tip - use ancient, crappy PCs with CRTs. Thieves don't go 
> near them.
Do you have a local cash convertors or the like? That would be a good place to start, My brother was robbed and it ended up there.


The next generation of Windows Live is here
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