[Wolves] Kmail, imap and Gmail

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Mon May 19 13:52:55 BST 2008

I think it may be worth pointing out that Kmail is notorious for being
tempremental when it comes to sending through smtp.  It took me ages
to work out where I had gone wrong when I couldn't send via Kmail in
one of my webmail accounts.  I can't rmemeber exactly what I did as I
went back to using both Yahoo and Gmail via a web interface.  I like
Kmail I just have no real need to use it at the moment.  Anyway,
getting back to the sending bit.  I seem to remember you have set up a
default account and this can be slightly confusing.

Mr C?  Do you remember any more about this?  It was about 4 or 5
months ago and I asked you at the time.  Trial and error got it sorted
if I recall..

Kevan Farmer
Linux user #373362

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