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Simon C. Burke simonb at geek-web.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 07:24:27 UTC 2008

Hi all, 

I recently acquired a Compaq CL380 that I'm currently upgrading and making to a couple of servers, (I think two people may know from where I acquired this server *looks at Chris and Dave*). 

As I'm intending to install Ubuntu Server Edition (and strip it down more), I'm currently looking into improve the security on my servers, and hoping you guys could help a smidge. 

Are things like SELinux worthwhile? Or can the same effect be achieved by hand per process? (would take an eon I know) 

Are there any good resources for securing Linux? I found a few that I'm going through but they aren't that great to be honest. 

Last question, How would I go about droping connections or temporarily blocking an IP based on if they access so many ports in a short time (ie if someone tries to portscan how would I detect it and drop and future packets from that IP for a while?) 


Simon C. Burke 

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