[Wolves] Wolves Digest, Vol 257, Issue 7

Parminder Singh Chauhan parminder at balpreet.com
Sun Sep 14 18:20:16 UTC 2008

> There were some nice low-end Shuttle systems at LUG Radio Live. I know 
> they came from South Birmingham. I thought they were Linux Emporium but 
> there are no desktop systems on the web site. You could check the LUG 
> Radio Live web site for who was exhibiting.

I can't find anything useful from lug Radio live website.

> As far as I know, Dell Linux systems use Intel graphics which are perfectly capable of running 3D accelerated desktop effects, though aren't powerful enough for 3D gaming. Arguably however, if you want 3D games you wouldn't be using Linux. I have Intel graphics on my Ubuntu machine at work and have no problems.

In fact I bought a system from Dell for somebody else 6 months ago. They use ATI radion 128MB card only. They even wouldn't let you choose for more memory. Actually they discourage to buy non windows.

> You could buy a Dell desktop and add in an Nvidia card afterwards, just make sure the drivers for it are ready. Buying the latest bleeding edge Nvidia card will inevitably leave you waiting for the next Ubuntu release before you see support for it.

> You could also just buy a second hand PC of the right spec and install Ubuntu yourself and then ship it or deliver it by hand.
> As a last option, have you thought about getting an ultra portable Linux laptop like the Asus Eee PC? Dell, Acer, MSI and HP are doing very good ones also, thought Ubuntu won't be available on the Dell one for a few weeks. The MSI one is also available re-badged by Advent and Medion for around ?40 less though the MSI or it's re-badges run Linux out of the box. The Acer Aspire One is ?200 in PC world at the moment.
My nephew need a desktop.

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Parminder Singh Chauhan

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