[Wolves] EeePC900

Tom Higgy higgy-lists at bandnet.org
Fri Sep 26 21:32:59 UTC 2008

Jamie Taylor wrote:
> The EeePC 901 (300 notes, Atom 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD [Or 12 with 
> XP]) is meant to be pretty good for battery life, up to just under 8 
> hours i've heard. I've been tempted by one for Uni, except i'd stick 
> Xubuntu on it with a custom kernel specifically for the Eee. Only thing 
> that bothers me is the price, especially considering the price on that 
> Aspire Onen (But i suppose you get the much bigger SSD, more RAM and a 
> presumably better battery

I've one and it's looks to be a well made little machine. Got it 
slightly cheaper at dabs but they put the price up soon afterwards.

Battery life is 6-8 with default OS but I didn't get on with its 
interface at all. Installed Ubuntu eee, which is basically Ubuntu 
optimised for the eee. Battery life is only around 4 hours but 
everything works straight out the box, although there are some small 
hardware bugs to work around (disabling ethernet port in bios causes one 
of the modules to error repeatedly but its not needed for 901 anyway).


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