[Wolves] Couple of probs with directory access and putty colours

Wayne waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon Apr 27 15:38:53 UTC 2009

Adam Sweet wrote:
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> Not used eximon to be honest. Root can always see everything. The usual way of getting around such permission problems is to add the user to a group (either the group that owns the files, or a new one) and making sure that group can do what they need to, rather than blanket allowing everyone to do anything.
> As explained when you had a break in, you would be much better off using CentOS rather than Fedora for a live server. CentOS *is* RHEL with the branding changed, they even compile with the same options RH use. Fedora end of life their releases a month before their second subsequent release. Based on 6 monthly releases, that means you stop getting security updates 11 months after release. Not a good idea to expose that to the Internet unless you plan to rebuild every year.
> Also, you just made your Exim log directory world writable. Bad idea to do that to any directory.
Yes, I've put that back to just user/root

>> Putty thing - trying to get Webalizer working, i've created the 
>> directory as /var/www/html/usage and change the permissions
>> and ownership to apache, but cannot access it via browser (403). In 
>> putty I see the directory is highlighted in green, but cannot find
>> any explantion of what the colors mean in putty (how to change them - 
>> but not what they are!).
> Ignoring the PuTTY stuff, this may well be down to an Apache configuration directive. If you look in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ there is probably a webalizer file which permits access only to In any case, reading /var/log/httpd/error.log will tell you what the problem is, though perhaps not in explicit enough detail to work out which directive is the problem without some trial and error.
> Ad
Ah, brilliant - yes, bloody program has two .conf files, one in etc 
which i'd checked for this sort of permission.
Working now.
Oh and the colours, green highlighted means user can write to directory 
- doh.

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