[Wolves] Call to all Members

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Wed Apr 29 15:34:19 UTC 2009

dick_turpin wrote:
> Hi All
> 1. If you have not created an account on the Wolves-Lug web site
> http://www.wolveslug.org.uk can you please do so even if you never
> intend to visit it again at least fill out your profile (That means you
> davmor2)

<fight club>His name is Dave Morley. His name is Dave Morley. His name
is Dave Morley</fight club>

(People who have no idea what I'm on about can ignore my unfair personal
campaign to make Morley identify himself by his real name>

> 2. Under the section *Distributions Used*  in the About section of your
> profile please use this code: <p><a
> href="http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/node/80">Archlinux</a> <a
> href="http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/node/80">openSUSE</a></p>


> 3. Please look at the *Distributions* page if I have missed the ones you
> *actually use now on a daily basis or at least regular* email me (Off
> list) with the ones you have showing on your profile and I will manually
> add them. If you are creating a new profile the same request  still
> stands , email me. I don't have time to trawl through everyone's 
> profile help me to help you.

Kubuntu? I don't use it but somebody probably does. Note 'Mandriva no
user' fail. Wry grin :)

> While I'm not in charge or anything and have no wish to tell people what
> to do the idea is a potential new member will look at the distro's sees
> Adam (Example) uses BSD decides to join our group of unwashed slobs and
> has at least one or more member that they will have something in common
> with so its a bit pointless having a distro listed that you used for two
> weeks back in 2002.
> That's just bigging your part up ;-)

Oh. I better remove the BSDs then :) (That's a joke, I've been using
OpenBSD for at least 3 weeks and avoiding FreeBSD at work for over a year.)

I think we can all accept that this mail is largely pointless but idle


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