[Wolves] Ubuntu 9.04

John Rose john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:03:20 UTC 2009

Upgraded from Ibex on desktop & laptop last week. Still has teething
problems e.g. trackerd hangs and is constantly displaying its window, but
sound is much better (albeit with packages downloaded as per Ubuntu Geek
tutorial) able to use skype though not yet figured out how to capture sound
on usb webcam. Also, has Open Office 3.0 as standard. I must now try my
Nisis graphics tablet (bought on impulse and never had occasion to use)! I
don't like the automatic loading of Gnome Do so disabled that startup. A
nuisance is that  a user without Administer System privilege does not have
the Preferences Sessions menu entry enabled: thus no obvious way to change
startup programs.

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2009/4/30 DragonMaster <LUG at clews.homelinux.net>

>  Has anyone used Ubuntu 9.04 yet?  I upgraded to it yesterday, and
> suddenly my Trust 7300 graphic tablet sprang into life ;-) Well happy
> now :lol:
>  All I need to do now is get my Adobe CS3 package to run in crossover or
> Wine and I will be deliriously happy...
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