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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Thu Apr 30 11:29:31 UTC 2009

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John Rose wrote:
> Upgraded from Ibex on desktop & laptop last week. Still has teething
> problems e.g. trackerd hangs and is constantly displaying its window,
> but sound is much better (albeit with packages downloaded as per Ubuntu
> Geek tutorial) able to use skype though not yet figured out how to
> capture sound on usb webcam. Also, has Open Office 3.0 as standard. I
> must now try my Nisis graphics tablet (bought on impulse and never had
> occasion to use)! I don't like the automatic loading of Gnome Do so
> disabled that startup. A nuisance is that  a user without Administer
> System privilege does not have the Preferences Sessions menu entry
> enabled: thus no obvious way to change startup programs.

Did you get the issue with tracker sorted? There is a fix in the release

However, tracker has been dropped from the default install of Jaunty for
various reasons, so if you don't use it, remove it.  As I never used it,
I don't miss it.

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