[Wolves] Midori. Feel the love

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Sat Aug 1 19:47:28 UTC 2009

Hi All (popey this might interest you)

If you haven't ditched the bloat'y crashing browser that is Firefox for 
the lightening speed of Midori then here is yet another reason why you 
should at least have a look.

Midori has a feature called Search Engine Management basically  you add 
your favourite  search engines these can be all the usual ones like 
Google, Yahoo or Bling ;-) but here's the nice touch you can add any 
site or wiki that has a search capability so for example you can add 
Ubuntu or whatever you use, "What you blathering on about Pete" I here 
you ask, well here's the point.

I added the Arch Linux Wiki as a search engine. you do this by putting 
in the URL and a Token the token is easy you can call it anything you 
like as I was using the arch wiki it seemed obvious to use aw. I then 
set the URL with the relevant search string: 

Say I wanted to find out how to install Nvidia rather than typing 
www.arch blah blah blah all I type in the address bar is: aw nvidia and 
hey presto it takes me to the Arch wiki and the relevant page, how cool 
is that?

I currently have

g = Google
wp = Wikipedia
fd = The Free Dictionary
aw = Arch Linux Wiki

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