[Wolves] Any clever Ideas???

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 15:24:40 UTC 2009

Ah, have you just left the xorg.conf.bak as it is?  Your system will
be looking for xorg.conf not xorg.conf.bak  If you still have
xorg.conf then I would back this up (I know it's incorrect but it is
at least working) to somewhere handy and rename it xorg.old  then
before doing any rebooting (you'll just get a CLI probably) put the
old xorg.conf.bak into place and rename this to simply xorg.conf  If
this is still the original .bak file it should work when you now try a
reboot.  However, if you have tried to reconfigure then it is highly
likely that your .bak file is now the wrong one :-(

Hope you can follow that?  It's maybe not a good idea for me to try to
explain something when I'm high on painkillers... legally I might add


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