[Wolves] Open Science, Open Source Festival

G Bulmer gbulmer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 23:55:35 UTC 2009

I noticed people talking about soldering in this thread.

Paul Gardiner, a D&T teacher at Finham Park school in Coventry is  
teaching a very interesting surface-mount soldering technique to  
secondary school children, and teachers in the area. I was lucky  
enough to sit in and learn the technique too.

As you likely know, many modern electronic devices are only available  
in surface mount packaging (as opposed to the traditional through-hole  
forms), so surface mount soldering techniques are becoming essential.

Schools also have some health and safety concerns over using soldering  
irons in class, so a safe alternative is important.

Paul's technique uses a sub-£30 mini-oven. There are a bunch of  
articles on the web about adapting mini-ovens for surface mount  
soldering, but Paul's technique is cheap and simple. Paul has a higher  
success rate, and in less time, using his technique than with  
soldering irons.

I'd be happy to come into a meeting to show the technique in action,  
and let people have a go.

I mention it because it may be a good technique for an electronics  


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