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Thu Aug 6 15:30:12 UTC 2009

2009/8/3 G Bulmer <gbulmer at gmail.com>:
> I noticed people talking about soldering in this thread.
> Paul Gardiner, a D&T teacher at Finham Park school in Coventry is
> teaching a very interesting surface-mount soldering technique to
> secondary school children, and teachers in the area. I was lucky
> enough to sit in and learn the technique too.
> As you likely know, many modern electronic devices are only available
> in surface mount packaging (as opposed to the traditional through-hole
> forms), so surface mount soldering techniques are becoming essential.
> Schools also have some health and safety concerns over using soldering
> irons in class, so a safe alternative is important.
> Paul's technique uses a sub-£30 mini-oven. There are a bunch of
> articles on the web about adapting mini-ovens for surface mount
> soldering, but Paul's technique is cheap and simple. Paul has a higher
> success rate, and in less time, using his technique than with
> soldering irons.
> I'd be happy to come into a meeting to show the technique in action,
> and let people have a go.
> I mention it because it may be a good technique for an electronics
> workshop.
> GB-)

I would personally love to see this in action.  I've tried replacing
blown cap's on a motherboard.... very difficult when they are surface
mounted and I haven't succeeded yet :-(


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