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Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Sat Dec 5 15:59:57 UTC 2009

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My house is being renovated and I need to clear some room. The following
are free to a good home, collection asap appreciated, though I'm only in
Wolverhampton at the weekends.

*) 10 quite nasty 1u rack servers (1.2 GHz P3 approx, 1 PATA disk, 512MB
RAM), most working, some for spares only.

*) 1 x AMD 1u rack server, can't remember spec 32 bit I'm sure, not
recent though. No disks. I can take a look inside if you need more
detail. It was a hand-me-down, I've never powered it on.

*) Fairly old 3u rack server - AMD CPU, 256MB, no disks. I can power it
on if you need more specs. Another hand me down I've never powered on.

*) 3 x 1.4 GHZ AMD PCs. 512MB RAM and 20 GB disks I think. Generously
donated by Ron but I can't legitimise hanging on to them any longer.

* Some other 32 bit PCs, above 1GHz but definitely below 2 GHz, mostly
unbranded or self builds, but not by me. I can look at these if there is
still demand but the others have been taken.

*) 1 x Digital Alpha server. Familiar to LUG members as a hot potato.
333MHz Alpha CPU, 384MB RAM I think. Quite large. Runs Debian. I nver
had the time to put together the proposed 'LUG Alpha wiki' on it. Would
still be funny.

*) 1 x Sun Ultra 30 workstation. 333MHz Sparc CPU, collection of SCSI CD
 drives acquired from Ron and James for my attempts to install Debian.
Couldn't get it to boot from any of them, but I ran out of spare time
and didn't exhaust the possibilities. Currently runs Solaris 9, but I
don't have a login account on it. If Ron and James want the CD drives
back let me know :) Requires Sun style mini DIN keyboard, not standard
PS2. I have one but want to hang on to it as I have an Ultra 10 which I
don't want to get rid of unless somebody offers me money, which it
probably isn't worth.

*) Collection of Intel CPUs 1.8 or 1.7 GHz Celeron with heatsink, don't
know socket type off the top of my head. I can find out though. Also
1133 MHz P3, 733MHz P3, 1GHz Celeron, no heatsinks.

*) HP Officejet d135 all in one printer/copier/scanner/fax. Can't get it
to print, told by previous owner that a light comes on warning you to
replace the cartridges within x days and they didn't and it hasn't
printed since. Has new cartridges and I tried to clean everything but
gave up. Should be very good if you can get it to work.

* HP Scanjet 5100c parallel (I think) scanner. Have cables but no power

* Lots of CDs, many Windows games, Office 2000, Works Suite 2001, Win NT
4.0 workstation, Win95,, old Red Hat, Solaris 7, Oracle 9 for Windows,
Cisco study guides, misc TV shows.

* A couple of mini PCs, about the size of 2 CD drives on top of each
other. 2 GHz, 1 or 2GB RAM. I found them unreliable. I think I have 4
with 3 power supplies :/

* Some SCSI cards. I'll have to find these. Don't think they were RAID,
might be.

* A USB webcam make by Genius.

* Some RAM, mostly 100 and 133MHz. Nothing bigger than 512MB, most smaller.

* Some kettle leads.

* 3 Binatone cordless DECT telephones, come as a set. I still have the
instructions somewhere. People always complained I sounded quiet, I
never tried to turn them up. Some probably need new rechargeable batteries.

* Probably other stuff I haven't found yet. My laptop battery is about
to go and I don't want to look for the power supply just to finish this

More offers as I find them. Winner, if anybody actually wants any of
this nonsense, will be according to mailing list time stamp. Reply on or
off list.


Adam Sweet

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