[Wolves] anyone got some spare laptop memory for sale

Mark Croft croftyboy at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 9 09:42:40 UTC 2009

they will probably think RAM is male sheep if they are from wales.
probably have a mate that will sell me one.

too get back to computers n netbooks I have vague memory that it is
model 4211B but can't get hold of my sister as she has lost her fone
again , not sure if she going to be that keen to unscrew and take the
bottom off her computer.

I probably will leave it , but if I do get some cheap second ram for
this machine I will take a gamble if not too expensive.


2009/12/9 Matt Warwick <qbie at qbie.com>:
>> LOL   I was going to say " do think they'll know what RAM is"  :)
> Thanks for the vote of confidence :)
> I seem to recall opening a 4211 when we first started selling them, and
> seeing a single 1GB stick in it, and only one slot, so that would have
> to be removed and replaced with a 2GB. Although there are actually 2
> revisions of the 4211 (4211B and 4211C) so they might be different. It
> was quite fiddly to take apart though, the entire bottom panel comes off
> and you have to take out what passes for the motherboard to get access
> to the RAM slot, which on the one I opened sat just next to the touchpad.
> Not the worst netbook I've ever taken apart though - the early Acer Ones
> were a nightmare as I recall..
> Matt
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