[Wolves] anyone got some spare laptop memory for sale

Matt Warwick qbie at qbie.com
Wed Dec 9 00:16:46 UTC 2009

> LOL   I was going to say " do think they'll know what RAM is"  :)
Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

I seem to recall opening a 4211 when we first started selling them, and 
seeing a single 1GB stick in it, and only one slot, so that would have 
to be removed and replaced with a 2GB. Although there are actually 2 
revisions of the 4211 (4211B and 4211C) so they might be different. It 
was quite fiddly to take apart though, the entire bottom panel comes off 
and you have to take out what passes for the motherboard to get access 
to the RAM slot, which on the one I opened sat just next to the touchpad.

Not the worst netbook I've ever taken apart though - the early Acer Ones 
were a nightmare as I recall..


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