[Wolves] Save MySQL from Oracle

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Hi All,

Bear in mind that Monty has said he wants the EU to mandate that MySQL be re-released under a BSD or Apache-Style license; what he wants to do, is effectively claw MySQl back from being free software. Don't let him fool you.

See this article on Groklaw for more info: 


If he was to get his way, it could potentially mean that the GPL version becomes orphaned and shrivels to nothing. As it stands, under the GPL it would be impossible for Oracle or anyone else, to squelch MySQL, but if "all previous and current versions" (quote: Monty Widenus) were to be released under another, less restrictive license, it would probably cause fragmentation of the development effort into small, incompatible  islands of open/free/proprietary software.

Please read the article before you write to your MEP.

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Please check out this blog post from Michael Widenius, Creator of MySQL about
the EC review of Oracle's purchase of Sun:

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