[Wolves] Screen resolution on Ubuntu 9.10

DragonMaster LUG at clews.homelinux.net
Tue Dec 15 09:53:21 UTC 2009

Morning all,

  I wonder if anyone can help here - I have an Advent 4312 which runs 
beautifully in Ubuntu, but when I plug in my Chuntex 16" monitor 
(formerly CTX) I can only get 1152x864 resolution.  I have checked the 
xorg.0.log file and hal is deciding that any higher resolutions are not 
supported by the monitor (which they are - to at least 1280x1024).  
xorg.conf doesn't have any reference in it at all to VGA1 which is the 
external monitor.

  Searching the web I have noticed that there are a number of issues 
around the new xorg subsystem and the suggestion is to use xrandr to 
generate a new mode and use that.  The problem I now have is that I 
can't find all the requisite settings to create the new mode - clock, 
refresh etc.

  Has anyone had any success overriding hal and forcing true resolutions?



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