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John Rose john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 6 15:01:42 UTC 2009

Hi Amrik,

I use Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.1.I find Intrepid too buggy.That may be why it
refused  to install on your laptop. I run it on a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop:
it ran OK on 0.5 GB memory but I increased it to 2GB as I want to run
openSUSE in a virtual machine. There are some small issues e.g. switching
users more than twice. I don't use Compiz (i.e. 3D, wobbly windows etc) but
it does work OK on the 1501. I use a networked printer (thru the router)
which has to be configured as socket.


2009/1/6 Amrik Singh <amo005 at hotmail.com>

>  Hi all and a Very Happy New Year,
> I've been reading your posts for a while now but haven't had the time to
> come along to your meetings. Am hoping to come along to your next one
> though.
> Prior to attending, however I do want to be familiar with Linux in
> particular Ubuntu. I was wondering if anyone could kindly point me in the
> direction of a laptop which would run the latest version of Ubuntu with any
> problems (have tried installing it on my Dell C400 (P3/1.2Gb/512) but failed
> miserably with it just hanging halfway through the installation).
> I dont' want to be spending too much but would like it to do all that fancy
> 3D stuff.
> Thanks
> Amo
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