[Wolves] redditch auctions (arrow auctions - tues 19th) have 6 xerox photocopies

dick_turpin dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Jan 21 10:42:38 UTC 2009

Kevanf1 wrote:
> Maybe, if they have stock left over that is hard to shift (and this
> sounds like it could be a regular thing) one of the staff could
> perhaps join their local Freecycle group and offer them for free on
> there.  I know that this arrangement works for the Isle of Wight
> Freecycle group as they have an auction on the island that often has
> stuff left over.
See I'd have been interested for my 2nd user/Refurbished sales if it
wasn't for the 'lucky dip' scenario;
Quote "its buyer beware at the auction difficult to test items if annoying
member of staff there at the auction"

TBH unless you are buying from a reputable supplier like myself I
wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Buying stuff in effect out the back
of a van at a car boot sale is just asking for trouble.

Its all very well warning people "Look mush it worked this morning, I
did say 'sale and no return' wadda you expect for £10 and a lollipop"
They'll keep ringing you with all sorts of threats.

God I hate bargain hunters ;-)

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