[Wolves] redditch auctions (arrow auctions - tues 19th) have 6 xerox photocopies

Mark Croft croftyboy at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 21 17:14:53 UTC 2009

I just did not know anything about photocopies  , but surely it was
worth someone too have a go when there where going for £1. I  do not
have the contacts with a van (with a tail lift would have been the
best) , would like it done at a sensable fee. I am not that flush with
cash to take the risk of a photocopy (it may of got in the way a bit
too) I have an ok PSC2350 printer to do colour printing on , I have HP
laserjet 55xx colour laser printer then needs fixing/kicking so that
will be good when its up and going.Most of time very happy with my HP
laserjet 4500 mono printer on the network.

I am sure there must be somewhere out there ebay land or even
freecycle that could have made use of it.  It all really depends on
whether it worked and where they came from. Even if did not work I am
sure it could have been stripped for parts and sold of piece meal on

That a good idea to tell the auction about freecycle , I am not sure
what response I would get from them. I guess they will just put them
back in again , next tuesday(27.1.09) auction.

I am member of freecycle , I keep going with freecycle. I have done
well on the few items that I have won on there eg old thomson sky
box/sharp tv/17" HP CRT monitor/single electric blanket/spin
dryer/chest freezer/etc so I do love freecycle.

I would neva buy out the back of van at a carboot.

I am very catious not to waste money at the auction knowing that most
of stuff is rubish and even more so with computer stuff , the amount
of memory that get nicked. i think one reason they do not let u attack
the box with screwdrivers anymore or even open them up. I usually make
sure there early when the IT lad comes over to take hard drives out
and get him too tell me wat memory in it. and whether it boots up , he
does test them too sometimes if he interested in the item like a

this gong off a bit from linux really too trying to grab a bargain
from my local auction/3cycle.

I think we all be turning into bargain hunters now with the recession
coming over them hills. I guess if I was trying to sell stuff and all
i got from potential buyers was can you knock another 25% off that cos
i have a nice face , I would hate them all. It always worth a try too
ask how much the seller would knock off , gives idea how keen they are
too get rid it 4.

A lot of the stuff at the auction went for silly money still , can't
quite understand the prices people was paying.
Sorry about my poor english not really had any help with dyselix which
was caught too late for me half way thru 1st year at uni. I really
should try to something about it.


2009/1/21 dick_turpin <dick_turpin at archlinux.us>:
> Kevanf1 wrote:
>> Maybe, if they have stock left over that is hard to shift (and this
>> sounds like it could be a regular thing) one of the staff could
>> perhaps join their local Freecycle group and offer them for free on
>> there.  I know that this arrangement works for the Isle of Wight
>> Freecycle group as they have an auction on the island that often has
>> stuff left over.
> See I'd have been interested for my 2nd user/Refurbished sales if it
> wasn't for the 'lucky dip' scenario;
> Quote "its buyer beware at the auction difficult to test items if annoying
> member of staff there at the auction"
> TBH unless you are buying from a reputable supplier like myself I
> wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Buying stuff in effect out the back
> of a van at a car boot sale is just asking for trouble.
> Its all very well warning people "Look mush it worked this morning, I
> did say 'sale and no return' wadda you expect for £10 and a lollipop"
> They'll keep ringing you with all sorts of threats.
> God I hate bargain hunters ;-)
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