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Matt Warwick qbie at qbie.com
Mon Jun 8 17:59:26 UTC 2009


Enta DO now traffic shape - they have a new policy on their 21CN network 
and if the node you are on gets too crowded, the top few % of users get 
a "high bandwidth flag" - if you get 5 of these flags then you get 
traffic managed. I got 2 flags just for regular web surfing a viewing 

I'm with ADSL24, and as well as Enta they recently started offering 
ADSL2+ LLU with O2/Be*, which isn't managed. Although they're having 
issues with people with Netgear routers intermittantly losing connection 
(like me), however the speed is good - I went from 9mb on Enta to 12mb 
on LLU.


On 08/06/2009 15:16, Adam Sweet wrote:
> Hi everyone
> After Wednesday's discussion on ADSL, I have decided to join the rats
> leaving the sinking ship and request my MAC code from Freedom2Surf for
> the following reasons:
> 1) Persistent sync speed problems.
> 2) Traffic shaping which seemed to reach a head on Thursday when I went
> from getting around 400KB/s while downloading an iso to getting around
> 100KB within 10 mins.
> 3) F2S were very good until they were bought up by Pipex and then Tiscali.
> and (re)join an Enta reseller for the reasons discussed on Wednesday:
> 1) Enta don't throttle or traffic shape
> 2) The have direct access to the BT backbone and early access to
> forthcoming technologies (ie 21CN, IPv6 (I think))
> 3) Their NOC is 15 mins from my house and I know quite a few of their
> support staff through work.
> 4) Jon Farmer is a legend (just checking he is listening :))
> 5) After my original ADSL problems with F2S in 2006, I switched to Enta
> and had fantastic performance on the same line that I have had terrible
> problems either side of being with Enta. Sadly I had to leave them when
> I changed employer (as both the telephone line and the ADSL connection
> were paid for by my employer).
> So now I'm looking at ADSL24 and while my exchange isn't ADSL2+ enabled,
> I can still use ADSL Max with them and I thought, being the kind of
> technical guy I am, I would plump for the 8 public IPs at no cost, which
> means I'm going to need a new no-nat router.
> Can anyone recommend one? I've been using Linksys routers quite happily
> for around 5 years but they don't do a no-nat one, unless I'm missing
> the no-nat option going by some other name.
> Most I've googled seem to be either D-Link (not a fan of D-Link), Vigor
> (not convinced by the Vigors I've used either, though they were quite
> old), or no name brands. Bonus points for:
> +1 for wireless (I might be missing the point there, since you probably
> don't want your wireless LAN publicly routable).
> If that's not the case:
> +1 for wireless N.
> +1 for ADSL2+ so I don't have to buy a new router when my exchange is
> upgraded.
> +1 for IPv6 (or at least tunnel) support. I note there aren't really any
> consumer level devices which do this atm.
> I guess the next point then is to design the network, I'd imagine you
> put a NAT/firewall device of some kind on one of the IPs, so you can
> have a non-routeable internal LAN and have web visible some machines on
> the other public IPs.
>                    DSL network
>                        |
> ----------------------------------------------
> |                 DSL router                 |
> ----------------------------------------------
>          |            |          |          |
>          |            |          |          |
>    ------------   ---------  ---------  ---------
>    |  NAT/FW  |   |Public |  |Public |  |Public |
>    ------------   |Machine|  |Machine|  |Machine|
>         |         ---------  ---------  ---------
>         |
>   -------------   ---------
>   |Private LAN|---|WLAN AP|
>   -------------   ---------
> Does that look sensible, over-engineered or have any glaring errors?
> Alternatively, I could look at one of the Sangoma ADSL cards Chris Ellis
> was talking about. Can you recommend a model Chris? It seems like the
> S519 does ADSL2+ and the S518 does everything up to ADSL Max.
> Can ADSL2+ devices operate in regular ADSL (Max) mode if so configured?
> What about these cards? This was the intention of raising the subject of
> Wednesday. I was worried that buying an ADSL2+ card/router might not
> support regular ADSL and my exchange won't be upgraded until 2010/11.
> Sorry to splurge a cluster-**** of noob questions. To summarise:
> 1) Can anybody recommend a no-nat router with any of the above plus points?
> 2) Does the network layout look sensible?
> 3) Do ADSL2+ devices generally also support regular ADSL?
> 4) Would I be better off with a PCI DSL card and if so, which? They're
> pricy :)
> Many thanks,
> Ad
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