[Wolves] Wanted: SCSI CD drive to borrow

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Wed Jun 17 08:27:41 UTC 2009

James Turner wrote:
> Adam Sweet wrote:
>> I guess I owe it to James to take the Alpha back off him,
> Only joking -  you're welcome to a drive without attached Alpha if you 
> prefer. May bring a few for you in case any turn out to be duds.
> I have 7 spares that are just lying around loose. They're from the 
> remains of an old SCSI-based CD-ROM jukebox designed for serving them 
> over a network - from the days when the capacity of a CD-ROM was about 
>  >10x that of a typical hard disc.
> Do you want me to bring the Alpha or not?

Yes, you can bring the alpha, I'm thinking about running it as a server
and will be able to snigger at naughty people making http requests which
contain shellcode. I used to see that happen a lot, but not so much
these days.

There's no need to bring loads of them, one would do. Ron was going to
bring me one anyway just in case one or t'other didn't work. I'm not
going to have any use for more than one once that job is done and I
don't want to get stuck with loads of SCSI CD drives!

I'll be bringing you a RISC PC.


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