[Wolves] Ubuntu gcc

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Sat Mar 14 23:27:52 UTC 2009

> Hi All  ( Dave )
> I get a problem in 804 and in 810 when I try to compile ( vmware today
> in 810 insipid)
> gcc version you're using does not match the ver that your kernel was
> compiled with. - or s'thing to that effect.
> The forums have left me confused, is there a simple answer? suitable
> for point'n'click  lusers like me.
> Cheers
> Stuart

(this is all iirc, its been a very long day...)

Kernel modules are very finicky things when it comes to compilation, they need to be compiled for a specific kernel version with the version of the compiler that compiled that kernel thus the error message (its to do with there not being a well defined kernel interface for modules or "frozen abi" in the jargon, if you compile the kernel and modules with different compilers they cant talk to each other)

The good news is that you should only get this when you try and compile a kernel module, not any other (userland) program. The bad news is that vmware needs a kernel module compiling.

I would expect the default version of gcc that comes with ubuntu is the same as the one that compiled that kernel so the 810 insipid (nice :-) )  version of gcc should work for vmware on 810 and the 804 version for 804. But probably not the 804 compiler compiling a module for the 810 kernel.

That doesn't really explain why its not working, but looking at the version of gcc you have looks like the place to start.



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