[Wolves] Today's Guessing Game

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Tue May 26 11:16:19 UTC 2009

dick_turpin wrote:
> Re-LoaD wrote:
>> Can you boot from a live CD ? or Hirens.
> Actually SUSE has probably the best Repair feature of any distro out
> there, its pretty much a wizard GUI similar to the installer. It will
> check 'everything' or just the bits you choose, such as Grub for
> example, the only downside per-say is that it only knows about anything
> that is on the DVD so for example it will tell you your Kernel is
> rubbish along with your apps if they have been upgraded at any point.
> There is a message saying something along the lines of "Look here winkle
> we might be clever but we ain't clairvoyant,  you might wanna ignore
> this coz its not really an error it might be you have newer than we
> have." although letting it overwrite stuff is not a problem it just
> means you'll have to update all over again.
> Grub is not broken so running the rescue is pretty pointless, I doubt
> Grub menu is faulty either I think its as I say possibly a Grub install
> on /mbr that's there and wrong. 99% of the time it runs perfectly with
> just the booting hickup which while being a pain is not a show stopper.

What ??

Let me simplify my original post.
Can you eliminate your hardware before digging around with the OS.

> As for Claire's point its a desktop with a Video7 monitor, every Linux
> distro gets it parameters wrong for this model but experience has taught
> me how to deal with that. Its not monitor/screen related its Xorg/Display.
> Unfortunately Xorg.log is about as much use as a one legged man in an
> arse kicking competition. :-)

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