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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Nov 10 11:51:20 UTC 2009

dick_turpin wrote :
> Hi All
> I constantly hear people saying "The API is blah blah blah" now this
> means nothing to me in fact my eyes glaze over and I have one of those
> Homer Simpson moments whereby it looks like I'm listening but actually a
> voice in my head is going "Tra la la le la". So I was thinking today
> about Micro Blogging now some of you such as DaveM, DaveG, Ade, Popey
> etc incorporate Facebook in their tweets, dents whatever is the latest
> name craze at the moment.
> *Rant*
> Why cant we have one name/word? Why must it be a minimum of six just to
> prove what jolly good freedom loving open source, open toe'd sandal
> hippies we are?
> *End Rant*
> I wonder how you can make your ,dent to Facebook write on your contacts
> walls?
> Thing is the majority of my contacts don't use twitter et al so are
> missing out of the awesome words of wisdom I spout throughout the day.

I didn't make much sense of that. For twitter, there's a facebook
application (Twitter) which you install, then as you post to twitter
it magically appears on facebook. 

Yes there are apis to twitter; but you don't need to worry yourself
about them.

That is all.

David Goodwin 

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