[Wolves] Fwd: [SC.LUG] 3 Strike Petition

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 12:40:37 UTC 2009

Got my vote.  It's a sledge hammer to crack a nut yet again by this
useless government (others would be no better).

What they don't realise is that file shairng is going to grow with
more people using BBC iPlayer and the other channels equivalents.
They are free peer to peer sharing networks.  Then what about people
who download mp3 files so that they have a backup.  I mean the people
who already own the CD and quite possibly the LP in some of our cases.
 It is legal to have a digital back up for personal use.

Not into mp3's?  So what about tv programmes?  Say a good programme
was broadcast last night but you forgot to set your digital recorder
:-(  fear not as there are plenty of places you can get a copy just by
downloading it.  So what is the difference between that and having the
exact same copy (if you had remembered) on your digital HDD recorder?
None unless tey are going to prosecute you for having a bad memory.

This whole proposed law is yet another sop by Brown and co. to the big
businesses.  The entertainmensts industry is one of the biggest
exploiters of you and me out there.  Just take Disney as one example.
How many times can they release a new digitally remastered version of
Bambi/Aladdin/Fantasia and expect us daft idiots to go and keep buying
them over and over again.

This proposed bill does concern pretty much everybody in the UK unless
you don't own a tv or listen to music.  Why aren't they instead
concentrating on the ones who illegally copy and 'sell' their pirated
works?  That I could accept.


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