[Wolves] UNR-9.10 This is not a revue

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Wed Oct 28 21:03:41 UTC 2009

> I have a crash alert! paging fault on the kernel.
Oddly enough I got a kernel error on my Dell Studio 1555 laptop. It
only appeared once and I haven't found anything else go wrong with the

Roll on official release tomorrow!


2009/10/28 dick_turpin <dick_turpin at archlinux.us>:
> Morning All
> So Ubuntu in their infinite wisdom decided it would be a good idea to
> disenfranchise the netbook users and not have a .img file so they could
> try out the latest offering. A certain world famous Ubuntu tester said
> "Oh it was decided that seeing as the tools are on the iso they didn't
> bother making .img's for the test releases" Sounds fair enough doesn't
> it? Well it would if it was not for the fact that its pigging broken.
> So after some help from people who actually know what they are doing :-P
> it transpired you need to download unetbootin and use that to create
> your .img from the .iso of course all this is academic seeing as its
> released tomorrow?
> Anyway, question time.
> 1. In the little envelope at the top (Like you showed us in your talk
> Dave) how do I remove Evolution and replace it with Tbird?
> 2. Seeing as I was not listening during your talk I take it I have to
> have the apps (Tbird, Empathy blah blah) open but minimised to get
> notifications from the envelope?
> No Wifi but after sticking in a cable connection enabled both the
> Broadcom firmware and wifi driver (Repeat this once installed)
> Once installed I had 615 updates! F'eck me!
> I have a crash alert! paging fault on the kernel.
> As I don't have a launchpad account (Have an Ubuntu account had it since
> 08 I think) I've not reported it yet.
> I hold my hand up "Praise the Lord" and admit this 9.10 is pretty good
> on my Dell Mini 10 seems the mouse is slightly better too for some
> reason? Obviously I got the *Brown* off as quickly as possible and now
> have a lovely Arch reminiscent blue ;-) TBF looks wise its 100 x better
> than 9.04 and I love the dusky shadowy start up screen.
> I installed late last night so I've not had time to play around with my
> favourite apps such as Gwibber (Need something better by the way)
> Lifrea, Tbird blah blah blah.
> Am I switching to Ubuntu full time? I doubt it but I will probably keep
> the Dell Mini as an Ubuntu machine full time, nice job have a happy
> release day.
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