David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 11:30:41 UTC 2010

> After the even catch the train to Brum.
> There you go.  I've planned your training and got you to the event ;)

You mean : http://gb.mapometer.com/en/running/route_512035.html ?

I used to run along the canal it joins onto (Essington & whatever) when 
we lived in Walsall, I think. Not sure if I ever went past the retail 
park thingy near New Cross Avenue to the end though.

I'm not overly sure you'll want me there with my stinking running kit 
on.... and carrying a bag of clothes sucks a little... but worth 

Thanks for the idea, I'm probably stupid enough to run back the same 
way, and then suffer while cycling home.


David Goodwin

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