[Wolves] First Tech Day Over

Mike Hingley computa_mike at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 14:17:39 UTC 2010

First off - appologies if I top post this but I'm at work at the moment and can't figure out how to use Hotmail to post correctly.  


I thought it was top notch - I had installed IDLE as per Andy's instructions, but hadn't really twigged that it was such a fully featured IDE - I had assumed it was like a Python Shell.  I think I learned a lot, and the enthusiasm Andy had for the language has left me inspired to develop my next app using Python - I'm looking forward to crashing a computer In a whole new language!.  I'd like to add my thanks to all those who were involved with the planning and delivery of this course.  I had to shoot off at half 4, as the Boss Lady was at work and expecting a lift home, so unfortunately missed Alex's talk.  



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> On 18/04/10 18:42, Dave Morley wrote:
> > First tech-day over.
> >
> > Many thanks to my wife for the food.
> Yep awesome spread top marks, of course Dave's wife is available for 
> Weddings, Christenings, Funerals and Bar Mitzvah's
> > Andy and Alex for the talks.
> > 
> Yeah sorry I tailed of towards the end, mind you it was time for my 
> afternoon nap :-) I did perk up with when Alex mentioned databases and 
> .csv so I sort of redeemed myself in my book.
> > I have learned a lot so it was great thanks again.
> > 
> I would have done if Amo hadn't of kept distracting me with his cheating 
> etc I vote he has to watch through the window on the next meeting :-P
> >
> > What did everyone else think?
> > 

> Over all a great day if a little long, looking forward to the next 
> Sunday meeting perhaps we can get more than 10 members attending?
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