[Wolves] New to Linux advice appreciated

mylinux at o2.co.uk mylinux at o2.co.uk
Mon Jul 26 20:29:40 UTC 2010

>> I've dabbled with it a bit... about 2-3 years ago. It's a hardcore
>> "security investigation" distro.
>> Cool, but as you say, not a newbie distro. I believe it is
>> Ubuntu/debian based these days.
> Just looking at it scares the B'Jesus out of me and I've been at 
> Linux lark nearly 10 years now.
> (Is this the year of the Linux desktop? Bwahahaha)
> ;-)

Well I took the plunge...bought a second hand Dell 3.2GHz 512 Mb (was 
meant to be 1Gb - but I can upgrade that no problem) 160 Gb HDD 

And decided to try BT4 -- if I don't get on with it then may try 
something else...

Found it quiet easy to get my TP-Link WiFi card to work (once I 
learned WiCD GUI - missed the little arrow for encryption).

The only thing that I feel a bit uncomfortable with is logging in as 
root (don't know if this is normal with BT4 - any ideas?

Also still have the "install.sh" on the desktop despite already being 

Feel excited -- new horizons!

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