[Wolves] Does your internet connection slow down during peak?

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Wed Jun 9 07:40:40 UTC 2010

On 9 June 2010 01:27, Alex Willmer <alex at moreati.org.uk> wrote:

> BT are really pushing that their broadband doesn't slow down in the
> evening, unlike 'other' ISPs. Of course they don't give anything like
> numbers or names, that would be informative. The last time I saw a
> peak time slow down was on Freeserve dial up.
> Dave, ISTR you had a peak-time slowdown for a while, but you later
> discover the line was terminated badly. do you get any slow downs now?
> How about anyone else. Wan't to debunk BT, or to name and shame?
> Regards, Alex
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Hi all, am new to the list.
I'm with virgin - the only time i notice any slowdown whatsoever is once
i've hit their fair usage limit, which I believe is 7 gig at peak times.
Other than that, its fine.


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