[Wolves] Does your internet connection slow down during peak?

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How about anyone else. Wan't to debunk BT, or to name and shame?

Regards, Alex
Hi all, am new to the list.
I'm with virgin - the only time i notice any slowdown whatsoever is once i've hit their fair usage limit, which I believe is 7 gig at peak times. Other than that, its fine.


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Hi Roger, 

Welcome to the list :-)

It greatly depends on area, and I think you need to take customer care into account too.

Alex - you hit a raw nerve here! I'm currently going through HELL with Virgin - congestion during peak times so bad I'd be better off with an old-style modem! It's totally unusable between 6pm and 11pm - Monday night, at the behest of the Virgin helpdesk, I ran some diags.

1. BT Broadband speed checker: 22kbps  - thats kilo BITS per second - on a linespeed of 8148 kbps. The check took 10 minutes to run.
2. Traceroute showed a 525ms delay on HOP 1.
3. Their tech support after 9pm is outsourced, and very low quality. Operators just reading from a list, don't understand anything beyond "reboot your router, sir" and "have you got the latest anti-virus updates?".

My problem now, is that I've been told it's the exchange - by both Virgin and BT. GPRS is not an option here, and Satellite is way out of my budget. So I'm faced with the choice of taking the plunge with another supplier with the risk of the same hassle, or business broadband, with the additional costs: both my wife and I need broadband because we work from home a lot. It's no fun watching a Nagios screen load in 2 minutes! It's so slow that Google gives me the "low bandwidth" search page!

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