[Wolves] OggCamp 10

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Mon Mar 15 07:02:48 UTC 2010

chris procter wrote:
>> Hey all, it is I, Dan, the newcomer.
>> We talked about this last meeting, so I was wondering if we (whoever
>> was wanting to go) were wanting to make any arrangements to go to
>> OggCamp (perhaps all at once?)  
> My plan, untill I think of a better one, is to take the friday afternoon off work, drift up to Liverpool on the train in plenty of time to get checked in tp the hotel and maybe have a wander around before finding a pub with some like minded geeks in to drink stupid amounts of beer. I'm staying up there till monday (which is a bank holiday) when depending how I feel I will drift back to brum on the train at some point during the day.
> Anyone who wishes to join me (especially the beer part :) is more then welcome, although if you start making jokes about stealing hub caps I will deny ever having met you!
>> I for one am excited to meet some of my favourite OSS faces.
> I'm with sparkes on this one ;)


I cant seem to find a post I did in the archives offering a lift to
OggCamp? (I'm sure I did one?) however I'm also going  up on the Friday
as I have a ticket for the RatholeRadio bash on the Friday night.
http://ratholeradio.org/gig/ (Chris if you want a lift up let me know
but I'm coming back Saturday night after Oggcamp) I still think it
should have been held in Wolverhampton as it is the center of the
universe but there you go.

See you all there.

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