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Mon Mar 22 15:19:04 UTC 2010

On 22/03/10 14:59, roundyz at hotmail.ru wrote:
> Jon Farmer wrote:
>>> Apart from electricity, bandwidth and the cost of the parts that fail on
>>> the always-on PC.
> I have a machine thats allways on, the electricity cost would be
> transparent.  How much bandwidth does the site use really?

Why would you want to run a website on someone's computer at home?

Sure you can - but that doesn't mean you should....

It'll suck from a latency/bandwidth point of view for a start.
What happens if you move home? Or arbitrarily decide to upgrade your PC 
to Ubuntu's latest_release?
Do you take backups?
Have you tested them?
Does your computer have RAID?
Does your ISP/cable company permit you to run a web server accessible to 
the world?
Does your IP change?
How reliable is your ADSL/Cable connection?
What happens if someone uploads a large video to the website? Do you 
have enough bandwidth for it?

The cost of hosting is not likely to be the issue - the issue is whether 
Ron should pay for the hosting himself, or whether the group should chip 
in and contribute (which it should).

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