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Tue Mar 23 09:32:53 UTC 2010

David Goodwin wrote:

>> Sure you can - but that doesn't mean you should....
>> It'll suck from a latency/bandwidth point of view for a start.
>> What happens if you move home? Or arbitrarily decide to upgrade your PC 
>> to Ubuntu's latest_release?
>> Do you take backups?
>> Have you tested them?
>> Does your computer have RAID?
>> Does your ISP/cable company permit you to run a web server accessible to 
>> the world?
>> Does your IP change?
>> How reliable is your ADSL/Cable connection?
>> What happens if someone uploads a large video to the website? Do you 
>> have enough bandwidth for it?
>> The cost of hosting is not likely to be the issue - the issue is whether 
>> Ron should pay for the hosting himself, or whether the group should chip 
>> in and contribute (which it should).

I agree with Ron's maintenace fees (code upkeep, etc), but the hosting should not be blown
out of scope..it is not a mission critical web application that needs
this level of commit that your suggesting.  RAID of any level for a machine
serving this site would be an overkill (the site is tiny, and the PHP
byte code is maybe cached), most ISPs permit port 80, IP
change is not importantant (DDNS) and my connection as it happens hasn't
been down in around 5 years.  With regards to bandwidth, it would be
interesting to see the daily hit count of the site.

I'm starting to wonder that this is just a presence on the web for the
LUG, and thats it.  News is very little once you remove the meeting
times which are duplicated via the mailing list.  So does the lug need
to have this?


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