Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Mon Mar 22 15:26:24 UTC 2010

	I think you may have missed the point. The way I read it was Ron has 
not asked for any payment but Dave thought it would be a nice gesture to 
have a collection. It's not the hosting costs it's the time and effort 
that Ron puts in that Dave is referring to. As for a PC or in the case 
of wolveslug.org.uk a server that is always on, I know where the site is 
hosted and the power arrangements are :-
Two independent power sources at a nominal 230VAC with UPS power backup 
and Dual 900kVA generators with automatic 25 second failover.


Anyone else interested in hosting solutions.... Talk to me...


roundyz at hotmail.ru wrote:
> Jon Farmer wrote:
>>> Apart from electricity, bandwidth and the cost of the parts that fail on
>>> the always-on PC.
> I have a machine thats allways on, the electricity cost would be
> transparent.  How much bandwidth does the site use really?
> Regards,
> Roundyz
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