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Mon Mar 22 15:43:47 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 15:26 +0000, Re-LoaD wrote:
> Roundyz,
> 	I think you may have missed the point. The way I read it was Ron has 
> not asked for any payment but Dave thought it would be a nice gesture to 
> have a collection. It's not the hosting costs it's the time and effort 
> that Ron puts in that Dave is referring to. As for a PC or in the case 
> of wolveslug.org.uk a server that is always on, I know where the site is 
> hosted and the power arrangements are :-
> Two independent power sources at a nominal 230VAC with UPS power backup 
> and Dual 900kVA generators with automatic 25 second failover.
> :-)~
> Anyone else interested in hosting solutions.... Talk to me...
> Re-LoaD
Re-LoaD Advertising naught but nicely done ;)
Dave and Re-LoaD are both correct.

The issue here is when we needed to move it off the server it was on and
update it and have it maintained etc etc etc Ron was the only person
interested.  Ron has hosted this free of charge to us on one of
Re-LoaD's servers (there plugged you again) for a number of years.

Ron charges the other organisations a nominal fee of £35 to do this.  We
as a group probably have put more demands on his time with the server
that the others combined.

To that end I think it only fair that we 1: chip in for the cost of the
server package it sits on and 2: Cover the cost of the time that Ron has
put in (which I doubt we'll cover).  But I would at least like to match
the £35 that others are paying for Rons time and service.
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