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Might be of interest...

Peter Oliver

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Subject: Birmingham RHOK and Open Data Hackathon, 4-5 Dec 2010

Hi all,

The International Open Data and Random Hacks of Kindness hackathons
are both coming to Birmingham on 4th and 5th December.  We've got a
Birmingham venue (Faraday Wharf), we've got people from outside
Birmingham interested, but we haven't yet managed to contact people in
Birmingham who might want to get involved.

Can you help?  By telling us about other groups that might be
interested in this, and spreading the word to people who might want to
join in  - I'm part of Brighton Hackspace, pretty much every designer
and coder in the area is in the hackspace sometimes, I'm hoping
Birmingham hackspace is the same.

We're looking for local hackers, coders and designers; I've repeated
the 'what ares' below, and there are details on both events at:
* http://rhokbrum.eventbrite.com/
* http://www.opendataday.org/wiki/Birmingham,_UK
* http://wiki.rhok.org/RHoK_2.0_-_Birmingham

Thank you,


==What's a Global Hackathon?==

It's a free event that brings together developers from all over the
world to design and build applications for real-world problems. You
might have heard it called a code sprint.

You work the way you want to in a hackthon: you can join a global team
collaborating across time zones or stay local, working with people in
Birmingham.  You can work on a pre-defined problem, or bring your own
idea on the day.

==What's Random Hacks of Kindness?==

It's a "hack for humanity", building applications relating to natural
disaster risk and response.

RHOK happens all weekend: it's the third RHOK event, and Birmingham
will be the first RHOK venue ever in the UK.

==What's the International Open Data Hackathon?==

It's about using open public data, to show support for and encourage
the adoption of open data policies by the world's local, regional and
national governments.

The Open Data Hackday happens on Saturday: it's the first global Open
Data Hackathon ever, and Birmingham is joined in the UK by camps in
Oxford, Belfast, London and Sheffield.

==Who else is involved?==

Birmingham will collaborate with camps in cities across the world,
including Aarhus, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Bangalore, New York,
Lusaka, Berlin, Toronto, Bogota, Atlanta, Jakarta, Seattle, Vienna,
Berlin, Lisbon, London, Sheffield, Windsor Ontario, London Ontario,
Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Belfast, Vancouver, Victoria
Canada, Bloomington, Brasilia, Espirito Santo, Joao Pessoa, Sao Paulo,
Montevideo, Turin, Tirana, Ljubljana, Washington DC, Golden Colorado,
Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Nantes, Rennes, Marseille, Helsinki, Stavanger,
Oslo, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Budapest, Warsaw,
Philadelphia, Louisville Kentucky and Oxford.

The camps will be connected over the weekend through live video
streaming channels, chat servers, Skype and Twitter.

==Sounds Good. How do I join in?==

Sign up so we know you're coming :-)

Join in the conversations at #rhok and #odhd

Head over to the Birmingham wikipages (above) for more details.

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