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Sat Mar 5 21:31:02 UTC 2011

Sorry for cross posting :-)

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From: Stephen Welch <bigfishinnet at gmail.com>
Date: 5 March 2011 21:23
Subject: lurker post
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Hi all.  Been a member on here for a while now - lurking away.

Like the group and If I ever get more time and focus I would like to
do some of the thing you lot get up to!

Anyway i thought you might be interested in these - I came across
Kipkay on you tube showing my number 1 son an alarm clock wired up to
a couple of air horns!  Anyway there is a load of content on you tube
about Kipkay and Make Magazine so over xmas we subscribed to the

Over half term we built the spider rifle - the ping ponger is next and
maybe some Arduino stuff in a few years!!  Which is why I thought you
guys might like it.


PS Going to pass this round wolves and brum lugs also.

I have downloaded all the volumes and you can find them here.


Last two issues (Circa 20mb)

Issues 1-25 (Almost 1 GB)

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