[Wolves] Funny happenings with LTSP

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Sun Mar 6 18:35:34 UTC 2011

Dear All,

We have a lovely LTSP setup at Chase Academy, which Ron helped us set up
some years ago. It serves us very well.

The server in our IT room serves about 16 clients. The switch that is
connected between the clients and the server is an old 100M switch, so I
thought I would replace it with a switch which has at least one 1GB port for
the server, to avoid there being a bottleneck there. (Our original server
has now been upgraded incorporating an SSD, which does speed things up.)

I bought some secondhand Netgear layer 2 managed switches. They simply don't
work when an LTSP client is connected. But the non working is bizarre.

This works
LTSP server -> 100M switch -> client

This does not work
LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> client

So you think that there must be something wrong with the settings on the
managed switch. But when we put the old tatty switch on the output of the 1G
managed switch, it works, viz:

This works:
LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> 100M switch -> client.

Obviously everything necessary for the proper working of LTSP is getting
through the 1G switch.

This is a puzzler. Any ideas?

A bottle of champagne for the first correct solution! And I drink it myself
if I get there first!


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