[Wolves] Funny happenings with LTSP

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Sun Mar 6 19:20:10 UTC 2011

On 6 March 2011 18:29, Mark Ellse <me at chaseacademy.com> wrote:
> I bought some secondhand Netgear layer 2 managed switches. They simply don't work when an LTSP client is connected. But the non working is bizarre.
> This works
> LTSP server -> 100M switch -> client
> This does not work
> LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> client
> So you think that there must be something wrong with the settings on the managed switch. But when we put the old tatty switch on the output of the 1G managed switch, it works, viz:
> This works:
> LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> 100M switch -> client.
> Obviously everything necessary for the proper working of LTSP is getting through the 1G switch.
> This is a puzzler. Any ideas?

Suggests to me  the problem is configuration of the client, or some
aspect of the UTP to the client. Questions:
1. Is the client connected to the switch directly by a patch cable, or
is there a cable run involved?
1a, What rating of cable are you using (e.g. CAT 5/5e/6)?
1b. Have you run a cable tester on the cables in question? What is the
length of cable from the switch to the client? Does the testers show
all 4 pairs connected correctly?
1c. Are you using any form of port doubler or phone/ethernet splitter?
2. What is the specification of the ethernet port in the client?
3. Is the managed switch configured to disable, enable or to negotiate
jumbo frames?

Regards, Alex
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