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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
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On 17/03/11 12:59, Adam Sweet wrote:
> Hi everyone
> My mobile phone screen finally fell to pieces and I've been staring
> longingly at Android phones for some time anyway so I've decided to take
> the plunge.
> The issue is though that I can get an HTC Desire from Orange for £50
> with just about adequate mins/texts and 500MB of browsing at £23 per
> month but I can get the same handset from Three for nothing with double
> the amount of mins/unlimited texts and 1GB of browsing for £20 per month
> and I do tend to use the internet a lot from my phone. However most
> traditional advice runs that the Three network is patchy at best and
> their support is awful.
> I live in a borderline signal area, we're in a bit of a dip as far the
> relief of the land goes. The O2 signal is ok outside and in the lounge,
> but starts to drop out if you move towards the front of the house.
> Does anyone here have any advice regarding Three's signal strength and
> support, or perhaps have Three and pass through Coven Heath (WV10) and
> be willing to check their signal strength from around here? Their signal
> strength checker suggests I should be ok, but they always do don't they?
> Regards,
> Adam Sweet
Hi Adam,

I general I have not had too many problems with 3 on my iphone in
built-up areas.  When you are really out in the wilds, the signal can
get weak and drop, but so do most networks in those areas. Internet
surfing will be veeeery slooow under those conditions.  As an
illustration, I was at Patshull last weekend, different networks worked
(or didn't) depending on where you stood.  At one point I got 2-3 bars
of 3G on 3 while the person next to me got nothing on Vodafone GSM.

An added benefit of three is that the don't charge extra for tethering,
it just comes out of your allowance. Don't forget their "all you can eat
offer" of unlimited (for a given value of unlimited) data.

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