[Wolves] Grub and Fedora newbie alert!!!

Ottavio ottavio at bigfoot.com
Thu Mar 24 15:54:28 UTC 2011

Hello folks,

I've been a happy Slackware and LILO user for years. For educational
purposes I have decided to play around with Fedora 14 and Grub

Of course I could have gone the easy way, installing from the official
fedora install image but because I have time on my hands, I downloaded
a preinstalled Fedora 14/64 bit image from:

These images have no networking, no bootloader and no kernel and are
installed as a raw filesystem with no partition table and MBR, so they
can only be uaccessed via chroot.

I have used qemu to mount two working images of Slackware 64 bit which
was using in the past plus the fedora image. Once booted, the images
are recognized as such;

/dev/sda1 slackware /
/dev/sdb1 slackware /usr
/dev/sdc  fedora-14_x86_64

Note the /dev/sdc instead of /dev/sdc1
Note also that there's no grub on Slackware, only LILO.

I have started networking on Slack and mounted Fedora

# mount /dev/sdc /mnt
# mount -t proc none /mnt/proc
# chroot /mnt
# yum install kernel
# yum install grub
# grub --version
grub (GNU GRUB 0.97)
# ls /boot/grub
device.map stage1 stage2 *stage1_5 splash.xpm.gz <and other files>

Now the funny part:

# grub-install /dev/sdc
No suitable drive was found in the generated device map
# cat /boot/grub/device.map
(fd0) /dev/df0

So what should I do? Edit this file myself?

Than you have noticed that I have all these files in /boot/grub ?

Why do I get this?

grub > find /boot/grub/stage1
Error 1: File not found

grub > find /mnt/boot/grub/stage1
Error 1: File not found

Is it because the device sdc has no MBR?

Has anybody any ideas? And by thh way is there a dedicated Fedora newsgroup?

Thank you


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