[Wolves] Grub and Fedora newbie alert!!!

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Thu Mar 24 22:47:23 UTC 2011

Warning: its been ages since I last had to get down and dirty with grub and even 
then I wasn't exactly an expert, but here goes nothing!

<snip lots of stuff making life hard for yourself..!>

> # mount /dev/sdc  /mnt
> # mount -t proc none /mnt/proc
> # chroot /mnt
> # yum install  kernel
> # yum install grub
> # grub --version
> grub (GNU GRUB 0.97)
> # ls  /boot/grub
> device.map stage1 stage2 *stage1_5 splash.xpm.gz <and other  files>
> Now the funny part:
> # grub-install /dev/sdc
> No  suitable drive was found in the generated device map
> # cat  /boot/grub/device.map
> (fd0) /dev/df0
> So what should I do? Edit this  file myself?

You can do hand editing it shouldn't cause any problems and it should probably 
say something like:-
 (hd0)     /dev/sdc
Yours seems to refer to fd0 which is a floppy drive...

Actually if device.map doesn't exist (or you've renamed it...) you can 
regenerate device.map with something like
grub --device-file=/boot/grub/device.map
 so its probably best to try that first and see if that sorts out the problem.

> Than you have noticed that I have all these files in  /boot/grub ?
> Why do I get this?
> grub > find  /boot/grub/stage1
> Error 1: File not found
> grub > find  /mnt/boot/grub/stage1
> Error 1: File not found
> Is it because the device  sdc has no MBR?

find /grub/stage1
(without the leading /boot)
grub doesn't really understand the unix filesystem layout because its an os 
independant bootloader, it just knows about the partition where it looks to find 
stage1 stage2 etc so all paths are relative to that partition, not to where they 
appear to be when everythings mounted. You can think of it as grub being 
chrooted to within /boot.

> Has anybody any ideas? And by thh way is there a  dedicated Fedora newsgroup?

Theres #fedora on irc.freenode.org and there are many many mailing lists 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate#Mailing_Lists  but your problems here 
are grub issues not fedora problems particularly so a grub mailing list may be 
more helpfull.

Hope thats at least a little helpfull



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