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On 30/11/11 13:59, Simon Burke wrote:
> Hi all,
> A little cheeky, and OT. However I have been tasked with finding a pair
> of servers to replace our VMWare boxes as cheap as. Does anyone have any
> suggestions as to where is a reasonable place to purchase rackmount servers?
> I admit that I usually just got to Dell & co, though our last servers
> purchased were Sun.

I've used both of these:



I don't know how they compare with direct from manufacturer or stack em
high sell em cheap places like Ebuyer, but what I do know is that you
can pick up some very cheap boxes on the low end of the market from
these guys and certainly the first link do HP cashback offers, but
that's more about picking your moment than a continuous stream of

I guess you'd need to compare based on specs rather than price in the
first instance and then see how cheap you can get what you want.

I've also used Supermicro servers from:


in the past and been happy. I used to deal with a guy called David
Rickerby, no idea if he's still there, it was a couple of years ago.
Supermicro are/were considered more of a whitebox system builder than a
name brand like Dell/HP/Sun/IBM etc, but I was happy enough with the
hardware quality (it's all Intel under the covers anyway).

If you do go direct from the manufacturer, you can always haggle on
price with your account manager if you foster a friendly enough with
relationship them.


Adam Sweet

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