[Wolves] Staffordshire, proprietary software, & EU procurement rules

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Apr 3 09:19:31 UTC 2012

On 03/04/12 09:19, Richard Smedley wrote:
> Aside from illegally specifying particular proprietary software, this is
> rather telling of localgov profligacy:
> "The most expensive lot will be for workstations, which will cost 
> between £6.4m and £12.8m, according to the notice"
> <hint>LTSP, Skegness Grammar School</hint>
>  - Richard
Hey Rich (Richard)
Erm not 100% certain about it being illegal given they are requesting 
specific 'branded' equipment. They 'might' be in breach of the Free 
Trade agreements or I suppose you could stretch a point in respect of 
Monopoly's. True they should abide by EU Procurement Agreements 
http://sprig.gs/6i but who in the OSC (Open Source Community) makes an iPad?

Easiest way to combat this is to splash it all over the Internet, hope 
some footballer is not goosing his next door neighbours wife so you can 
get a piece on page eight of the papers. Better still contact the editor 
of the "Skeggy Echo" and tell him "Oi have I got a story for you!" :-)

The Lug Curmudgeon

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