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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
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On 13/02/12 10:35, Peter Cannon wrote:
> Hey Ron
> Can you post those trips, dates and potential costs so I can spam
> G+ with them coz Wolves Lug is crap at promoting itself. :-)
> The way I see it we don't care who comes along, so long as they
> pay, then we can indoctrinate them into the lug. :-D

I just hadn't got a round tuit until now ;)

Anyway, I visited Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society
<http://www.wolverhamptonars.co.uk/> recently for their planning
meeting for the year and discussed some joint activities that
WolvesLUG could join in with.  The proposed trips and approximate
dates are as follows:

Bletchley Park - End of June - A coach trip with guided tours/lunch
etc. probably the last weekend in June.

Wolverhampton City Show - July - this would be an opportunity to
promote both groups together with Linux and Ham Radio to the general
public.  We would look at splitting the cost of the stall (if any) and
providing personnel for the 2 days.

Jodrell Bank - August - Another coach trip with guided tours, etc.

WolvesCon 2012 - TBA - A one day conference with a computers/radio theme.

Also if anyone is interested in obtaining their Foundation License,
their will be some courses arranged soon.

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