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On 13/02/12 11:22, Ron Wellsted wrote:
SOme updates on the likely costs.

> Bletchley Park - End of June - A coach trip with guided
> tours/lunch etc. probably the last weekend in June.
Cost for this will be £24.00 + coach hire, so the more, the cheaper.

> Wolverhampton City Show - July - this would be an opportunity to 
> promote both groups together with Linux and Ham Radio to the
> general public.  We would look at splitting the cost of the stall
> (if any) and providing personnel for the 2 days.
Cost for a stall maybe about £60.  We will need to wait for
Wolverhampton council to get their act together...#

> Jodrell Bank - August - Another coach trip with guided tours, etc.
No details yet, but again admission + Food + Coach.

> WolvesCon 2012 - TBA - A one day conference with a computers/radio
> theme.
This will be a nominal entry fee to cover room hire.

> Also if anyone is interested in obtaining their Foundation
> License, there will be some courses arranged soon. 
> <http://www.rsgb.org/arls/foundation_licence.php>
Again, a nominal fee for room hire + exam fee.

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