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Thought this may interest some so am forwarding it here

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Subject: 	Presentation Skills Training Course -- Damian Conway
Date: 	Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:18:58 +0000
From: 	Josette Garcia <Josette at OReilly.co.uk>
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FLOSSUK and O?Reilly UK Ltd agreed sometime ago to organize training
courses using the leaders in their fields. We are endeavouring to make
these courses as cheap and as relevant as possible.  I would appreciate
if you forwarded this mail to your friends who might be interested in
such training.

*Presentation Skills Training Course*-

*Full day Training Course by Damian Conway***

*Monday 16th April 2012***

*Ambassadors Hotel, 12 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0HX***

*/Description:/* The best and most effective presentations capture the
audience quickly, hold their interest effortlessly, educate and
entertain them in equal measure, and sometimes even inspire them.

This class explores simple and effective techniques for achieving those
goals in any kind of presentation.

The first half of the class focuses on preparation, content selection,
visual design, delivery, handling questions and effective techniques for
presenting various kinds of technical information (code, data,
statistics, charts, structure diagrams etc.)

The second half of the course is an in-depth tutorial on improving the
'look and feel' of presentation materials ? especially
Powerpoint/Keynote/Impress presentations. In particular, it demonstrates
practical techniques for making your slides not suck!

*/Tutor:/* Damian Conway is a renowned programmer, speaker and educator,
best known for his work on Perl programming language.

Find more on http://www.flossuk.org/Events/PresentationSkills2012

All the best



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